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The Middle East reportThe Middle East Report

Join Simon Barrett as he interviews Rev Mervyn Tilley who discusses his love for Israel and the Jewish people and why it is so important that Christians support Israel and the Jewish people




Time to get up and get goingTime to get up and get going

by Babs Sanya, 2 April 2018

The story of the young man raised to life by Jesus brought hope to the town of Nain. But what about Romford, Hornchurch or whatever other town you live in today? Can Jesus change things for you? Yes he can! He is still in the business of bringing life and hope in hopeless and lifeless situations. Read more



What is the book of Judges about?The book of Judges

by Glen Podd, 3 July 2017 

Judges is a book well worth reading. Brutally honest, it does not hide the depths of human depravity and behaviour. The stories are shocking. How can God work in such a cess-pit of degradation? Read it and find out for yourself. Learn the lesson of keeping God on the throne, not man!  Read more



"Jesus was just a good man, not God"Is Jesus really God?

by Eric Odotei, 30 June 2017 

Many people see Jesus as just a good moral man or a prophet who made many profound statements on life and morality. 
Jesus also said, "I and the Father are one", and even more shocking to the Jews in particular, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am", suggesting that He was there before even Abraham. So was Jesus just a man or God? Read more


What you need to know about the churchThe Church of Christ

by Mervyn Tilley, 21 June 2017 

"We believe in the spiritual unity and priesthood of all believers in Christ and that these comprise the universal church and the body of Christ." But what really is the church and what does the Bible say about it? Understanding the purpose and identity of the church is extremely important as Jesus himself was the one who commissioned the church. Read more


The fall of mankind explainedThe Fall of mankind explained

by Mervyn Tilley, 24 May 2017 

On British roads there are various speed limits. Once you exceed the speed limit on a given road you automatically become a law breaker – whether you exceed the limit by a lot or a little. Whether you are caught or not is not the point. You may not agree with the law – you may even think the law is silly – nevertheless it is the law, and no amount of arguing or trying to justify oneself will change it. Now if that is true in the natural realm how much more true is it in the spiritual realm? Read more


The book of Joshuathe book of joshua

by Glen Podd, 24 May 2017 

The book examines the life of Job, the most respected, successful and godly man of his generation. He was blessed in his faith, his home and his business. Suddenly within hours his spiritual life is in chaos, his family destroyed and his work in ruins. Satan seeks to destroy Job’s faith while God seeks to perfect it. Read more




by Glen Podd, 28 April 2017 

The deliberate shunning of food for spiritual purposes. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus was talking about the right kind of righteousness. When it came to fasting the religious leaders of the Jews were setting the wrong example for the people, making great show of their piousness instead of fasting privately as unto the Lord. So let us examine fasting, as there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Read more


The book of JobThe book of Job

by Glen Podd, 28 April 2017 

Job is one of the most ancient books in Scripture and belongs in the Patriarch stage of the Bible. The book examines the life of Job, the most respected, successful and godly man of his generation. He was blessed in his faith, his home and his business. Suddenly within hours his spiritual life is in chaos, his family destroyed and his work in ruins. Satan seeks to destroy Job’s faith while God seeks to perfect it. Read more


The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit

by Mervyn Tilley, 5 April 2017 

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. One God, yet three persons – equal in God-like qualities but different in function. It is all so confusing. Who is this Holy Spirit that Christians always talk about? The Bible explains that the Holy Spirit is not just an abstract power, but that He is as a much a person as God the Father and God the Son. Still confused? Read more


Death before the fallDeath before the fall

by Mike Gana, 24 March 2017 

Most Christians are aware of the story of Adam and Eve, and how Satan in the form of a serpent tempted and deceived them to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Is this account significant for Christians? Is it just a fable? How can the Christian reconcile the popular scientific assertions of evolutionism with the Biblical account of the origin of sin and death? Read more


Is God morally relative?Is God morally relative?

by Mike Gana, 27 February 2017 

It is not uncommon for Christians to be called hypocrites by those who do not hold to the Christian faith. The accusation is usually that, while Christianity holds up high moral values, more often than not the people who profess to hold to those values live lives and exhibit behaviour that is contrary to the values of Christianity. Read more


What is the book of Numbers about?What the book of Numbers is all about?

by Glen Podd, 20 February 2017 

The book of Numbers seems like a daunting book to study, but there are some valuable lessons we can learn from it. What is the meaning of the book? What are the main events and characters that the book covers? And, most importantly, what can I take away from it? Read more



Is hell a real place?Is hell a real place?

by Babs Sanya, 13 February 2017 

I’m a great fan of the BBC Saturday Live Kitchen programme that airs usually as we have our late Saturday morning breakfast. One of the strands within the programme is for the chefs in attendance to cook a special meal for the guest star. Viewers are invited to vote on a choice of meals between a heaven-choice and a hell-choice... Read more


What the Bible says about suffering

by Xavier Hamilton, 24 January 2017 

Suffering is one of the challenging areas to fathom for unbelievers and Christians. The question that underpins this challenge is: how could a loving God allow suffering to continue? And at the most challenging times this can tarnish our view of and relationship with God. Read more



Do all religions worship the same God?

Do all religions worship the same God?

by Eric Odei, 9 January 2017

All religions worship the same God; if that statement is correct, then it would also suggest that all the world religions are the same. So, are all the religions of the world the same? The simple answer is absolutely not… but the real answer is far more complicated. Read more




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