What to expect


Everything you need to know about our church service. From worship to preaching.

The not so strange bits:

Like other churches we meet in a school building every Sunday at 10.30am. Although the order of the church service is not always the same, it usually consists of:

Worship: Lively music that varies from contemporary Christian music (including Pastor Glen's own songs) to old hymns, which we like to spice up with a bit of a beat; the worship usually lasts about 30 minutes
  Collection of tithes and offerings from church members 
  Communion (bread and wine) to remember what Jesus has done for us
Notices: To keep the ship going we do have our organisational bits to run through. Just bear with us through these, hopefully one day you might find them helpful!
Greetings: A quick handshake and hug from the people around you to say “hi”
Preaching: Approximately 30 minutes of teaching on a huge range of topics applicable to everyday life
Prayer:  Usually throughout the church service; do not worry though, you will understand what's being said and our prayers are not monotonous
Fellowship: Catching up with each other at the end of the church service is a great way for us to be involved in each other’s lives

The slightly stranger bits:

As a pentecostal church we believe that God still speaks to people today. That also counts for our church services, where people might pray out loud, speak in tongues or go to the front for healing. In short though, there is nothing to be afraid of, our God is a good God who loves you. We do not do pushing people over or freaking people out...the Holy Spirit can sometimes do unpredictable things, but these are usually exciting things that bring hope and laughter, rather than fear.

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