About us

Who we are. 


We are the most multicultural and multigenerational family church you will find in Romford, Essex. This lively lot, bursting with spirit, wants to show the people of Romford that they are loved by the Creator and that life with God brings hope in the face of struggle and excitement for the adventurous. 

As a church we have been around for 60 years and are part of a wider church network called Elim. “What type of denomination is that?” is a common question! Well, it is pentecostal, but essentially we are Christians who believe in Jesus and the Bible and we want you to know that God still speaks to you today!

So why not get in touch with us – join us at a Sunday church service, or give us a call – to find out what living everyday life with Jesus is like.

Our prayer is that whoever comes into the church fellowship will feel instantly at home and, more importantly, will sense the presence of God.


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